50 Minute Classes for Preschoolers

  1. Parent – Child Classes: (2 - 4-year-olds)

Dance together with your child as we develop our motor skills and explore movement concepts. Developmentally appropriate music, props, instruments, obstacle courses and games will helps us learn in a fun and engaging way. Siblings are welcome but must be registered as a student for half price if they are one year old or older.


By Anne Green Gilbert, Director of Creative Dance Center

Physical Benefits

  1. Develop strong and healthy bodies and brains through movement and exercise.

  2. Increase body awareness, control, balance, and co-ordination.

  3. Release energy through positive physical activity.

Social Benefits

  1. Learn to co-operate with others through partner and group work.

  2. Practice self-discipline through sharing space, and interacting safely with other dancers.

Emotional Benefits

  1. Become more self-aware by expressing        

    feelings through movement. Contrasting    

    movements help define feelings which lead    

    to appropriate behavior.

  1. Gain feelings of validation and self respect derived from having the freedom to express one’s own thoughts through movement and voice.

  2. Increase self-esteem through positive and non-competitive experiences.

Intellectual Benefits

  1. Develop problem-solving skills through the experience of solving movement problems.

  2. Strengthen the ability to listen, concentrate and follow directions.

  3. Develop neural pathways through movement patterning that are essential to language acquisition, reading readiness, and mathematical ability.

  1. 4 year-olds

We will build on dance skills to strengthen body and brain whilst exploring our creative expression. Running, skipping, leaping and turning in progressively more exciting and challenging ways! 


Creative dance is designed to develop both the physical aspects of dance technique, such as co-ordination, strength, flexibility and control, as well as fostering children’s own creativity and self-expression through movement. At Smart Moves we aim to assist children to communicate, or express themselves through movement and to guide them to think and solve problems independently.

Smart Moves aims to create a playful, positive, and non-competitive atmosphere that is fun and challenging for both boys and girls.


Our creative dance programme follows a curriculum of brain-compatible dance classes devised devised by Anne Green Gilbert, artistic director of the Creative Dance Centre in Seattle.

The Lesson Structure:

  1. Warming up

All classes begin with the ‘Brain Dance’, a set of sequential exercises based on the fundamental movement patterns that a baby goes through in their first year of life.

  1. Exploring a dance concept

Dance related concepts include size, direction, speed, weight and rhythm. The whole lesson is then based on this concept, rather than using a rote, steps-only approach, so as to be more meaningful and beneficial for the children.

  1. Exploring instruments and rhythm

Children explore various percussion instruments and use these creatively, integrating the lesson concept.

  1. Developing dance skills

Each week the children will learn and practice different locomotor and non-locomotor skills and movement combinations.

  1. Creating/Improvisation

Children will be given the opportunity to improvise with the help of props and a wide variety of music styles.