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Where Enjoyment Meets Technique


In 2012, husband-and-wife duo, Hannah Bagshaw and Ekaitz Espino, set out to establish a high quality dance studio in Christchurch. Having returned to New Zealand after a decade of dancing and teaching in Europe, their eagerness to share their experiences and love for dance led them to take over GCDA. They were dedicated to providing a space where individuals of all ages can enjoy the art of dance.

Our Vision

At the heart of GCDA is a vision to create a caring and nurturing environment where students of all ages can deeply enjoy dance. Both Hannah and Ekaitz recognise the holistic benefits of dance – not just in developing skills and technique but in enhancing physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Our Mission

GCDA's mission is clear: to provide a dance education program that is engaging, fun, and beneficial.

We recognise that students learn in different ways so we ensure teaching methods cater to diverse learning styles. Reciprocal, inclusive, and guided discovery styles ensure interactive and engaging classes.

We aspire to be more than just a dance school; we want our students to forge lifelong friendships, create cherished memories, and enjoy the benefits of a dance education that last a lifetime. 

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Our Values


  • Happiness: Our programs prioritise enjoyment through dance, releasing endorphins that create feelings of happiness, relaxation, and power.

  • Stress Relief: Dance reduces cortisol levels, offering relief from stress and tension.

  • Emotional Expression: Dance is a positive outlet for expressing and communicating emotions.


  • Creative Expression: Improvisation and choreography offer creative outlets, allowing students to express emotions and their unique personalities in a safe space. 

  • Interpretation and Communication: Diverse performance opportunities foster student's ability to use movement to communicate a story or emotion to the audience through movement.

Health,​ Technique, Proficiency

  • Health: Classes are designed to enhance cardiovascular health, strength, coordination, endurance, and flexibility.

  • Technical proficiency: Teaching good technique is fundamental, fostering technically skilled dancers with correct body placement and alignment. This consequently creates beautiful lines, elegance and poise whilst helping to reduce injuries.

Life Skills

  • Personal Development: Alongside discipline, focus, concentration, and coordination, we work to promote kindness, consistency, friendship, loyalty, hard work, fun, and laughter.

  • Transferable Skills: Dance imparts skills applicable to all areas of life, whilst fostering a lifelong love of dance.

Social Skills, Building Friendships, and Self-Confidence

  • Supportive Environment: GCDA encourages an atmosphere where students feel valued and respected.

  • Lifelong Bonds: Cooperative activities and group work nurture lifelong friendships.

  • Performance opportunities foster confidence and self-esteem. 


  • Rhythm and Timing: We help dancers become more attuned to the rhythm and timing of the music. 

  • Listening Skills: Developing students' ability to actively listen to music is crucial. This includes being sensitive to subtle changes in tempo or dynamics.

  • Musical Interpretation: Students learn to hear musical dynamics, and moods and how to convey these through their dance.

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