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Senior School

Ballet Classes

Ballet classes in the senior school combine syllabus work following the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus, with open work. Adopting internationally renowned syllabi whilst incorporating extensive open work, ensures a dynamic and engaging learning environment. At GCDA, we believe in fostering well-rounded dancers who can pick up choreography quickly and have an artistic sense of musicality and performance quality.

Exams are held in Term 4. 

Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

12-14 Years

2 Hours per week

$265 Per Term

No exam for this class

13 years + 

2 Hours 45 per week

$315 Per Term

Advanced 1 and 2 

3 Hours per week

$365 Per Term

Jazz and Contemporary Classes

Jazz and Contemporary classes follow the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) syllabus and contain extensive open work. Exams are held in Term 4.

Grade 5 Jazz

Pre-elementary - Elementary Jazz

Intermediate-Advanced Jazz

Levels 1-6 Contemporary

12 years+

1 Hour per week

$155 Per term

13 Years+

1 Hour per week

$155 Per Term

14 years+

1 Hour 15 per week

$175 Per term

12 Years+

1 Hour per week

$155 per term

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