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In our terms and conditions we outline essential guidelines to ensure a positive and rewarding dance experience for all students and their families. Please ensure you have read these policies, and agree to them, before filling out our enrolment form.



  • Fees are strictly payable by the first day of each term.

  • Fees cover a school term with a minimum of eight lessons per term. Terms are usually 9 or 10 weeks long but the fee paid only guarantees eight lessons per term. This is to allow for public holidays and classes that need to be cancelled due to examinations, performances or teacher absences.

  • Fees are non-refundable when a child does not complete the full term.

  • Fees that are not paid before the commencement of the school term will incur a 10% late payment fee. Failure to pay fees may result in students not being permitted to begin the new term.

  • Pro-rata discounts will be given to new students who join the school after the second week of the term.

  • A 10% family discount will be given to families with multiple students enrolled in the school.


Payment options:

  • Invoices will be emailed 2 weeks prior to the commencement of each term.

  • Payments are to be made by internet banking.



  • Students will be given a refund only if they must withdraw from classes due to long-term ill-health. A medical certificate must be provided.


Notice of withdrawal from the programme:

  • If a student wishes to withdraw from the programme this must be given in writing no later than 2 weeks before the commencement of the next term. Once the term has begun no refunds will be given.  



  • Classes without sufficient enrolment will be cancelled and refunded.



Attendance Expectations:

  • Students are expected to attend all classes.

  • Any absence must be reported via text or email before the class.

Contacting Teachers:

  • Please only contact teachers by phone or text messages during business hours between 9 am and 6 pm unless the situation is urgent. For non-urgent inquiries, please use email.

Make-Up Classes:

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer make-up classes for missed sessions.

Injury Notification:

  • Caregivers must inform the teacher prior to a class if a child is injured.

  • If a child becomes ill during a class, the caregiver will be notified to collect the student.




  • Students are not permitted to use any choreography without permission.

  • Students are not permitted to enter competitions under the GCDA name without permission.

Authority to Publish:

  • Garden City Dance Academy may use photos and/or video footage for promotional and marketing purposes. (for example, on the Garden City Dance Academy website, Facebook or Instagram). Garden City Dance Academy will not use any photo/video footage for any purpose other than the general promotion and marketing of the dance school. 

  • Parents must advise the studio if they do not wish their child to be photographed or videoed for promotional purposes.

Injury Waiver:

  • While every measure is taken to ensure safety, participating in dance lessons, rehearsals, and performances carries a risk of physical injury.


  • Ample on-street parking is available in front of our building. There is also parking along Fraser St which is only a very short walk. Parking in the mechanics car park, both in front and behind the building is prohibited (even for drop offs and pickups).


AIM: Ensure the safety of pupils, staff and caregivers whilst attending classes and representing the Garden City Dance Academy.


Through the enforcement of this Health and Safety Policy we will ensure:

• The safety of pupils, staff and caregivers

• The best performance from each pupil

• That both staff and pupils are following the precautions necessary to prevent physical injury during a class or performance.


Garden City Dance Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in the studio. Any potential safety hazards must be reported to the teachers.

As the studio occupies one space in a multi tenanted building, any risk found within the building will be reported directly to the building owner for rectification.


Within the studio itself, Garden City Dance Academy is responsible for the following:

  • Checks on heating/cooling.

  • Maintenance of toilets and hand washing facilities

  • Maintenance of a separate changing area

  • Maintenance of Sound system.

  • Maintenance of leads from sound system and the fixing of these leads so that they do not cause a safety hazard.

  • The safety of the fixed mirrors

  • Cleaning of the dance floor, using products that will not cause undue slipping.



  • Students must not come to dance if they have any type of illness, whether that be a runny nose, tiny cough, sore throat etc. Students must not attend class if they are positive with COVID 19

  • If a child becomes ill during a class the caregiver will be notified to collect the student.


Emergency Evacuation

  • Emergency exits are clearly labeled and are identified to students at the commencement of each course. Pathways to them are kept clear at all times.

  • Teachers conduct a check that nothing is obstructing the emergency exits at the commencement of every day and sign a register confirming that they have carried out this check.

  • There are emergency evacuation instructions posted within the studio. All teachers working within the studio must make themselves aware of these instructions.

  • In the event of an emergency, all occupants will evacuate the building by the nearest exit and assemble under the big tree outside the auto mechanics next door, providing it is safe to meet there. Teachers will notify parents immediately that it is safe to do so but no one should leave the area until all students have been accounted for.

  • A register is taken at the start of each class to show who is present. The register will be used in the case of evacuation to confirm everyone is accounted for.

  • Automatic smoke detectors and manual fire alarm buttons are installed within the building.

  • There are fire extinguishers in both studios.


Accidents and First Aid

  • A basic First Aid kit is kept in the studio at all times.

  • All injuries will be reported to the caregiver. Minor slips and bumps will be treated with an ice pack if appropriate and reported after class. If injuries are more serious then the caregiver will be notified immediately. It is then the caregiver’s responsibility to decide whether their child needs medical attention. If the incident is very serious then an ambulance will be called immediately and the caregiver notified.

  • Caregiver’s must inform the teacher prior to a class if a child is injured.

  • If a caregiver is not going to be contactable during a lesson then they must provide an alternative number and contact for that day.


Individual Wellbeing

  • To avoid injury, classes will begin with appropriate warm ups and end with a cool down period. All participants are to take part in the warm up at the start of the session.

  • Teachers will inform participants of suitable clothing/footwear in advance and will check on the day. Students should not be wearing any jewellery or watches that can scratch themselves or others. Students should wear their hair tied up so as to ensure freedom of movement.

  • No chewing gum is permitted.

  • Food must not be consumed on the dance floor.

  • Safe teaching practices will be followed to ensure the safety of students. Teachers will strive to make every class of an appropriate level for the student’s involved. Caregivers must respect teachers’ decisions on appropriate class placements. 

  • Teachers will recognise students’ physical limitations, faulty technique and muscle imbalances and strive to improve on these at every opportunity. Stretching will be instructed in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner.

  • Students should remain hydrated during class through a short drink break. They should not leave class at other times to drink water. 

  • Teachers will look out for signs of eating disorders and discuss any concerns with caregivers.


Reduction of Hazards

  • Teachers will conduct a pre-class check for hazards. Obstacles will be cleared or moved towards the edge of the dance space.

  • All bags, shoes, personal belongings etc are to be placed in the lockers provided.

  • There are to be no street shoes worn on the dance floor. Street shoes bring debris into the dancing area and can scratch the dancers’ feet. Students must change into dance shoes in the changing room and parents and siblings should not enter the dance area in street shoes.

  • Students will be made aware of any hazards and always reminded of the dangers associated with touching and banging into the mirrors and windows.

  • All spills on the dance floor will be dealt with immediately.


Student Safety

  • All pupils attending a dance class are the responsibility of the parent/guardian outside of the exact class times.

  • For all pupils under 10 years old a parent/guardian must collect them punctually from inside the studio at the end of the class. The teacher will remain on the premises until all of the pupils have left.

  • The same expectations apply to external events for which pupils will be asked to arrive at a set time and all pupils will need to be collected punctually by a parent/guardian.

  • Students must not leave the studio during a class except upon asking permission to go to the toilet. Caregivers should ensure that children have been to the toilet before the commencement of the class.

  • Teachers will avoid any unnecessary physical contact with pupils, however caregivers should understand that some aspects of teaching dance involve some contact. Where this is necessary teachers will use the utmost discretion.

  • Any younger siblings must be well supervised by a caregiver and remain off the dance floor at all times. 

  • Teachers will encourage a positive class environment. There will be no tolerance for bullying.

  • Teachers will seek to build confidence in students through positive and constructive criticism and praise for perseverance and achievement.


Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol

  • Garden City Dance Academy has a non-smoking policy and smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building.

  • Garden City Dance Academy has a strict no drugs and alcohol policy. Any pupil or teacher found using drugs or alcohol whilst attending classes or working at the school, will be presented with a verbal warning. Caregiver’s will be advised if the pupil is less than 18 years of age.



  • Although music is played within the studio the volume is kept at a level where the teacher’s voice can be heard.

  • Parents and siblings dropping off and picking up children should refrain from talking whilst a class is in progress

  • Students waiting for their class to begin should refrain from talking


Personal Information

  • A registration form should be completed for all pupils advising full name, email address, contact telephone number and any known medical conditions. Teachers will keep caregiver contact details on hand in case of emergency. Caregivers must notify the school if contact details change.


Use of other Premises

  • Garden City Dance Academy will follow the Emergency procedures of each of the other premises utilised.


Public Liability Insurance

  • Garden City Dance Academy has public liability insurance and the certificate is available on request.

These policies are in place to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants at Garden City Dance Academy. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding these standards for the benefit of everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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